Sylhet Cadet College is the 1st cadet college established after the liberation war of 1971. Basically this college was established in the then East Pakistan as a Model School in 1969. In 1974, it was modified and converted to a Model College. General Ataul Gani Osmani, the Commander in Chief of our War of Independence took the innitiative to turn it into a cadet college. Bangladesh Defense force modified this model college and converted it to a cadet college in 1978. In 1979, an admission test took place for selecting the students from model college in this newly modified cadet college. And thus the first, second and third batches of this new cadet college were from the then model college; and in the same year a fresh new batch (4th Batch) was taken as fresh cadets. The first batch passed out from the college in 1982 and the first intake i.e. fourth batch passed out in 1985. 

Daily Life Of Cadets

Cadet Colleges follows a uniform curriculum. The days starts at 6 am when the Cadets does physical training and drill for 30 minutes. After that, they goes to their respective houses and prepare themselves for class. At 7.20 am, they have their breakfast centrally at the college dining hall. After completion of their breakfast, they go to the academy block for their respective classes. At 10.50 am, they have their snacks. Their classes comes to an end at 1.15 pm. They straight way go to the dining hall to have their lunch and after finishing their lunch they go for taking rest for one hour. After that, during summer they come down to the academy block to study and after one hour study they go for games. During winter they go for afternoon games. After doing games they goes to their respective houses and prepare themselves to go for Magrib Prayer in College Mosque. After offering their magrib prayer, they have their snacks, go to their houses, and prepare themselves to go to academy block to do their self-study. Self-study continues up to 10.00 pm, in between they have their dinner at 08.30 pm. At 10.00 pm, they go to their houses, prepare themselves for next day, watch TV or play indoor games. Sharply at 10.45 pm, they go to their bed.

Apart from this daily schedule, they have many internal and external competitions. In a year, they use to participate 6 Inter House games competitions, 9 Stage competitions, various national and international competitions and one Inter Cadet College Competition. For better assimilation, in every year, all the classes goes for Study Tour in various reputed organizations.

To break their monotonous life, various cultural programs use to be arranged. In each Thursday night, they enjoy a movie in the evening. They get scope to meet with their parents once in a month and can communicate with them for 2 days in a week. As a part of their co-curricular activities, Cadets use to do gardening, Drawing, Singing and Programming.

Daily Schedule







0515 hrs



PT/Parade/Sick parade

0600 - 0630 hrs




0720 - 0740 hrs

On Holidays 0800 hrs


Turnout Inspection

0740 - 0745 hrs



College Assembly/House Assembly/Form Meeting

0750 - 0805 hrs




Except Thursday

On Thursday

(1) 1st Period

0810 - 0850 hrs

            0750 - 0830 hrs

(2) 2nd Period

0850 - 0930 hrs

            0830 - 0910 hrs

(3) 3rd Period

0930 - 1010 hrs

            0910 - 0950 hrs

(4) 4th Period

1010 - 1050 hrs

            0950 - 1030 hrs

(5) Milk Break

1050 - 1110 hrs

            1030 - 1050 hrs

(6) 5th Period

1115 - 1155 hrs

            1055 - 1135 hrs

(7) 6th Period

1155 - 1235 hrs

PS   :   1135 - 1215 hrs

CSC:  1140 - 1315 hrs

(8) 7th Period

1235 - 1315 hrs



1325 - 1345 hrs



Rest/Quiet Hours

1350 - 1450 hrs



Free Time/Self Study

1450 - 1515 hrs



Afternoon Prep

1520 - 1610 hrs



Games/Extra Drill

 1615 -1705 hrs

         Extra drill : 30 mins



1720 hrs



Tea Break

1740 hrs



Mugrib Prayer

According to sunset



Evening Prep

1840 - 2025  hrs




2030 - 2050 hrs



Night Prep

2055 - 2200 hrs



House Admin/TV news

2210 - 2240 hrs



Lights Out

2245 hrs


Lights Out for SSC and HSC Candidates.

2345 hrs

* From one month prior    

  to their exams.

PT & Parade

Sylhet  Cadet College (SCC) like other Cadet Colleges is an autonomous residential and feeder institute of defense forces. One of the main objective of cadet colleges is to provide elementary military training with a view to preparing them for induction in to Armed Forces as offices. As a part of elementary military training, PT, drill games, sports, cultural program stage competition compulsory for all the cadets. There is a practice of Inter House Novices Drill Competition for the new cadets of class VII. Moreover, every year Inter House Cross Country and Obstacle Course Competition is arranged for all the cadets which strengthen the elementary military training. The main notion of these kinds of training is to ensure physical, mental and spiritual growth of the cadets. To infuse high sense of morality, responsibility, integrity, leadership quality, discipline and patriotism through motivation from Army, Navy and Air force being conducted at a regular interval.

Elementary Military Training

Cadet,s are practicing